summercore 2.010 july

Reminders to everyone connected with one of the Summercores. We are looking forward to working with each and every one of you and helping you with computer growth, Web 2.0 skills and overall tech progress. The Summercore HW assignment is posted at and can be done at any time from now through the day before your Summercore session begins. It involves reading online 3 of the chapter excerpts from the Summercore book which you will be given on the first day. Click here to see the HW completed by others. Steve Bergen ... 781-953-9699 ...
p.s. some Summercore participants in the past have asked if they could have access to the book before Summercore begins since what we have posted for the Summercore HW assignment is just 3-5 pages from each chapter. The answer for this year is yes and you can find the book online below the index which is at
Binary Game Blabberize Blabberize Sample Blog Samples Suzanne & Marvin ... Lorne ... Ken ... Cathy
Capzles Carnival on Friday Convert ASCII to Decimal Convert Binary to Decimal Corrupted Files
on Line
Glogster.Com/Edu Glog Sample (LB) Google Docs Highlights Google Sites Summercore Google Earth Sample
Kerpoof PIXLR for Graphics lets you crop, resize and more! Practice Quiz on 33 Questions from ... you can login with a generic login of "summercore" and password of "summercore" ... Roster Twitter
Twitter "is the messaging system we didn't know we needed
until we had it." Twitter co-founder, Biz Stone.
Twitter Notes and Tips Voicethread Voicethread Sample (33 questions) ... Second Grade Art by Phaedra ... Thomas Paine HW Assignment by Beth ... Spanish Story by Molly ... Carnival Project by Phaedra and Susan ... Carnival Project by Pat and Group ... Tues 7/14/09 Project by Renee ... Tues 7/14/09 by José ... Tues 7/14/09 by Wally ... Tues 7/14/09 by Katy ... Tues 7/14/09 by Denise ... Tues 7/14/09 by Erin ... Tues 7/14/09 by Renee ... Tues 7/28/09 by Meg ... Tues 7/28/09 by Patricia ... Tues 7/28/09 by Carrie ... Tues 7/29/09 by Michele ... Thurs 6/24/10 by French/Spanish at Spence Web 2.0 in Educ (UK)
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Glogster Notes

Click here for a reminder to Mac users about adjusting your settings. Suspend judgment, Lexus and olive tree metaphor and mission not impossible.

Twitter Notes

When you create your account, if you are not comfortable with a user name such as JaneDoe or JaneD using your own name so that we know who you are. Please use Summercore for your first name and your marathon number as your last name ... for example, click here to see how one person signed up. Then you need to go to in order to FOLLOW SUMMERCORE. Then you need to send a tweet that includes "Hash Tag Summercore" i.e. #summercore within the text. Click here to see a sample. Once you find the TWITTER NAMES of the other Summercore marathoners, then you need to follow each of them. So if someone has a twitter name of summercore1999 then you need to go to and choose to follow!

The website of is one of many famous places to find people you might want to follow. Depending on your level of comfort and skill with twitter, we may suggest you type in #followfriday or #edchat into twitter and explore what you find. Additionally, by going to or we would like you to see how to shorten a URL for potential use in Twitter or elsewhere. Click here for more Twitter notes.

Google Docs Notes

password of "dogs" becomes "dogsxxxx"
password of "dogsandcats" becomes "dogsandc"
Click here for Google Docs page

Pink Card Questions