27 Years of Summercore: 1985-present

by Lynne Schalman and Steve Bergen

Last revised 9/2/15
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Other Services for schools? Summercore supplements, curriculum Web pages, one day workshops and summercore on site

Workshops 2016

13 iCore Workshops 2014 Open to Public

  • BROOKWOOD March 10-11
  • CHAPIN School NJ May 2014
  • AOS June 2-3
  • GSES June 5-6
  • CSUS June 9-10
  • CATE June 12-13
  • BRIMMER June 16-17
  • PENNFIELD June 19-20
  • WINSTON June 24
  • VILLAGE SCH June 26-27
  • BERKELEY CARROLL June 30-July 1
  • HORACE MANN July 21-22
  • OVERLAKE SCH July 24-25
  • BRYN MAWR SCH July 28-29
  • HAVERFORD SCH July 31-Aug 1
  • TAMPA PREP Aug 7-8
  • SJE Aug 11-12 (all school)
  • OAKWOOD Aug 13-14 (all school)

iCore Workshops Individual School Only

  • Brookwood March 2014
  • Chapin School Princeton NJ April 2014
  • Winston School June 2014 -- Abby Debevoise
  • Oakwood School Aug 2014
  • St. John's Episcopal Parish Day School Aug 2014

Summer 2015

ALL ARE MON/TUES then THURS/FRI except for Maryvale, Pennfield, Village, Alexandria CDS
week 1 ***  June 1-5 -- AOS Houston then Columbia Indendent School Missouri
week 2 *** June 8-12 -- St Marks Houston 5 Day Summercore open to public
week 3 *** June 15-19 --Convent and Stuart Hall Schools of the Sacred Heart San Fran then NSCDS  North Shore Country Day School Chicago
week 4 *** June 22-26 -- Rodeph Sholom 5 Day Summercore their school only
week 5 *** June 29-July 3 -- BC in Brooklyn + Maryvale Preparatory School (wed/thurs July 1-2_
week 6 *** July 6-10 -- Pennfield RI (Tues/Wed) then Brimmer and May in Boston
week 7 *** July 13-17 -- RSS in Manhattan then Chapin Princeton NJ (not Merion Mercy Philly)
week 8 *** July 20-24 -- St. John Episcopal Severna Park MD (not Bryn Mawr) then 
Chapin Princeton NJ (not Haddonfield Friends NJ)
week 9 *** July 27-31 -- Horace Mann then Ridgecroft School Ahoskie NCOakwood NC
week 10 *** Aug 3-7 Corbett Independent School Tampa  then GSES Dallas
week 11 *** Aug 10-14 -- Colorado Academy then Seattle
week 12 *** Aug 17-21 ** Francis Parker San Diego then Village School LA 
week 13 *** Aug 24-28 ** Alexandria CDS VA then Rippowa Cisqua 

OTHER SCHOOLS I TRIED: Ascension LA + Alaska  + Tabor + Dwight + Alaska

8 PUBLIC ICORES: RSS, Chapin1, Chapin2, Maryvale, SJE in MD, Tampa, Colorado, Village

Who Should Attend Summercore?

Now in its 24th year, Summercore has introduced over 2500 teachers and administrators from over 550 Independent schools to an agenda that will empower novices, enrich the expertise of computer coordinators and build skills for all computer using teachers. Computer marathon aptly describes the five days of Summercore: the course is a nonstop immersion into computer usage, educational software, philosophical issues, money saving tips, and curriculum applications. JV Breakout Sessions help novices with computer literacy, the web, word processing, graphics, databases, spreadsheets and educational software. Varsity Breakout Sessions help intermediate and skilled users gain proficiency in numerous areas: desktop publishing, educational software, graphics, video, HTML, multimedia, networking, curriculum issues and strategies.

What is the Program?

Unlike some conferences, we pride ourselves on individual attention! We keep each session under 28 and strive to answer all questions. Our team of instructors and student helpers all contribute to our national reputation!
  • Our Summercore Primer with over 500 pages of information on the Web, computer literacy and scores of skills for both Macs and PCs, software recommendations, and much more

About Summercore Inc.

Founded in '82, Summercore Inc. is the creation of Steve Bergen and Lynne Schalman. In training teachers, we pride ourselves first on being teachers! From 75-80, Lynne and Steve were heads of the English and Math departments at Wooster School. From 87-94, Steve was Computer Coordinator at Concord Academy. From 94-2002, Steve was Computer Coordinator at Noble and Greenough School, moving that school from the dark ages to being one of the leading schools for technology in the country. In 2002, Steve joined The Chapin School as CIO. In 2007, Steve decided to take
his daughter's challenge and took a job in Harlem as CIO of The Children's Storefront.

What is the Five Day Agenda

This "original" 5 day marathon through hardware, software and humanware provides an in-depth Course in Computer Usage, culminating in our Summercore Carnival!
  • Writing projects, database and spreadsheet ideas for history, science, English and math
  • Desktop publishing projects with Pagemaker, scanners, Photo CD-ROMs, digital cameras
  • The Web, The Web, The Web! JV users progress from web basics to searching tips to classroom usage; Varsity users progress from HTML tips to creating inter-disciplinary web projects to animated gifs
  • First Class Bulletin Boards/E-mail, networking, file-server, tech tips
  • Hands-on exercises & team projects with AppleWorks, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, HyperStudio, Photoshop, IMovie & Lego/Logo
  • Learn how to Videoconference
  • Multimedia: creating quicktime movies and CD-ROMs
  • One on one advice on software for your subject area and grade level
  • Strategies for using one computer in a classroom
  • Philosophical issues: software piracy & honesty, standardization, access, equity, on-line behavior
  • Practical solutions: getting the most out of limited funds, ongoing faculty training, loaners for students and faculty, computer licenses, course requirements and curriculum tips, typing priorities, hardware and software acquisitions, software budget suggestions

What are the Costs and Details

The cost of Summercore?
Answer: the pricing is listed clearly on the application form.

What are the Registration Details?

Mail to: Summercore using the address on the Application Form.

Web Site: www.summercore33.com
I wish to enroll in Summercore. Please send me the application form as explained in the Application.

Other Services by Summercore Inc.
See our
OTC building blocks web page

Summercore Supplements

  • One Day Training Sessions at our office in Lexington Massachusetts
  • Stay in Marathon Shape
  • Update Skills on one or more specific topics
  • Each session customized for 1-3 teachers from your school
send inquries to for costs, specifics and more info (or call us at 781-953-9699)

One Day Workshops On-Site for your Faculty

Over the past 15 years, we have conducted over 100 workshops for Independent Schools across the country. These one day sessions have been useful in stimulating a variety of teachers and administrators and helping to energize the school community in terms of themes of computer usage.

send inquries to for costs, specifics and more info (or call us at 781-953-9699)

Announcing a new service of Summercore Inc.: Curriculum Web Pages

Overview? As part of our business, we are now creating curriculum web pages for schools. These pages are custom-designed for you corresponding to specific topics in your curriculum. We post the pages for you so that you and/or your students can easily access them, e.g. www.summercore33.com/flhs. You or a programmer at your school can then take the source code and post onto your own school?s web pages if desired.

Rationale? searching the web and finding first-rate links for 10 different topics in a specific class takes time and lots of know-how. Once the links are found, bookmarking them is far less useful than having them easily available on the web so that a variety of of students and teachers can access from multiple computers at school or at home.

The Value?

example: A teacher from French Lick High School lists 10 specific novels from 10 books and sends us the e-mail request. We create the web page, post it on www.summercore33.com/flhs within a few days.

For more info or to get started: please send inquiries to

Here are some samples that we have done for other schools

send inquiries to for costs, specifics and more info

Summercore Travels

Summercore is available as on-site program. Follow the example of these schools and bring Summercore to your school
Contact names and addresses for most of the schools where we have conducted Summercore on site

Excerpts from our Summercore Primer

Click here to go to the section called Chapter Samples from the main Summercore Web page.

A Gift From A Summercore Alum from the late 80s

Tom Northrup, Headmaster, Hill School, Virginia) sent me a

photo of Larry Bird
with Larry's signature saying "Dear Steve, Good Luck at Nobles, Larry" ... I just scanned this picture and posted it on my Web page at www.summercore33.com in case you want to see it ... it is the most special autograph that I have ever received in my entire life ... Steve Bergen