Day by Day Overview for Summercore

Please note that our usage of 2.0?? is intended to convey the emphasis on Web 2.0 applications! Also note that we revise our curriculum in Jack Bauer style day by day, hour by hour, to fit the individual needs of each group! Summercore is approximately 33 hours (not counting lunch) so 9-5 or 8-4 for example, Monday to Thursday. We end up customizing the Summercore hours (as well as the curriculum) to the needs of the individual school. We avoid sitting for more than one hour at a time and figure about 45 minutes for morning breaks, afternoon breaks and lunch.
times vary (~7.25 hrs)
times vary (~7.25 hrs)
times vary (~7.25 hrs)
times vary (~7.25 hrs)
half day (~4 hrs)
  • Registration/Intros
  • Web 2.0 and 21st Century Skills
  • Storyboarding with Glogster
  • 33 Questions
  • Creating a Personal Learning Network with Twitter
  • Digital Storytelling with Voicethread
  • Collaborative Learning with Wikis
  • Impactful Blogging with your students
  • "Best of the best" web sites for teachers
  • Computer Proficiency and 33 questions
  • Using Google Docs in the classroom
  • Spreadsheets and Google Forms
  • Creating Tours with Google Earth and Google Maps
  • Digital Storytelling with Video and Audio
  • Integrating Digital Citizenship into your Curriculum
  • Honesty and Ethics talk
  • Skype lectures with keynote Speakers
  • 33 Essential iPad Skills
  • Teaching With SMART Boards
  • Google Apps and Curriculum
  • Podcasting: Audio & Video
  • Flickr, YouTube and You
  • Strategies for Implementing a 1 to 1 Laptop program
  • Top Ten Web 2.0 sites
  • Pull groups on RSS Feeds, Moodle 2.0, working with iPads, Photoshop, iMovie, and Social Bookmarking
  • iPad Apps for each Subject Area and Grade Level
  • Teaching with Laptops
  • Roundtable Discussion on Integrating Technology and Social Media
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about Google
  • Skype and a guest speaker

  • Preparing for the Carnival with Partners is the main focus of Thursday!
  • PCI: Proven Curriculum Ideas

  • Carnival 9:15-11:15 AM (outsiders, friends and families invited)
  • One last roundtable discussion
  • Evaluation
  • Closing
  • Graduation picture and present!
Target technologies and skills are PURPOSELY taught at two levels which we refer to as JV and Varsity so that we can deal with the levels of experience that participants begin Summercore with. Sometimes, we divide up into JV, Varsity and Thirds if appropriate. Each group works hard to make progress at each skill area (Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Inspiration, Excel, HTML, Smartboard usage, Photoshop, Web searching, working with graphics). Frequently, each group will report at the end of the two hours on what their group accomplished. Participants can jump from JV to Varsity or visa versa on any topic even after the first 10 minutes. The Summercore carnival preparation on Thursday is a unique activity that allows small teams to collaborate on a specific lesson plan, curriculum project or specific piece of software. Most participants are almost always skeptical of the carnival concept as we begin Wednesday morning but by Friday noon, most groups are rock, rock, rockin' with Summercore fever! And yes, there are plenty of snacks and refreshments!s

(Last revised 4/02/11)