Tips before Summercore begins

Sent on email to Shorecrest 2011

Hi everyone who is coming to Summercore at Shorecrest We are looking forward to a great week together.

*** There are 24 of you in this Marathon. I have posted who's who for the 24 of you at ***

Several reminders:

1) Schedule? We meet Mon-Thurs from 9am-5pm and 9-12:33 on Friday. We run on digital time and hope you will help us out! If you need to miss any portion of any day, please tell me ahead of time so I can come up with a plan B as necessary.

2) Google Account? If you don't have a google account, please create one and make sure you hold onto the username and password so that you will be prepared for Summercore. You can get an account by going to

3) Laptops? When you signed up, one of the check boxes stated that "I undertand that if I wish to work on a PC, I need to bring my own PC laptop." We have plenty of desktop Macs for you at Shorecrest but if you want to work on a PC, please send me an email so we can make sure we get your PC laptop onto the school's wireless easily.

One more thought on this issue based on some of our previous Summercores: "The pace of Summercore makes it problematic for the Summercore staff to spend much time dealing with upgrades or plugins to fix your laptop. If this happens, we need you to understand and agree to use one of the desktops available."

4) Homework? It is posted at and most of you have now done it. Yay! It is due by midnight the night before Summercore begins!

*** I have posted the summary of the HW from 24 out of 24 of you at ***

5) Hotel, Directions and Where to Park? see the link on which tells you everything! In the attached graphic, you will see that we want you to drive into Shorecrest on the South driveway where you will see me with my Larry Bird doll for the official registration!

6) Pictures? Some of you have still not sent in your picture which I assure you will not be posted anywhere and has the singular function of allowing me (who is braindead with names and faces) to get a head start in remembering who's who.

7) Temperature? Because part of Summercore is to "get you out of your comfort zone" we might set the temperature to be "too high" or "too low" at times during the week. Please dress accordingly ("dress is casual") but you might want to bring a sweater!

8) Registration? Our tradition for 27 years is that you register between 8:33 and 9am Monday morning by saying hello to the Larry Bird doll which will be with me outside of the school welcoming you.