"SMART Boards are a fabulous combination of two useful methodologies" (pioneer Stan Sterenberg) at Chapin 1/14/05

Click here for our main Web site at www.summercore33.com ...

SMART board express is an online version of the SMART board software

Useful Web page used by Ellen Nickles (Dalton School) and Steve Bergen (Summercore) on 10/12/09 for University School of Milwaukee: Get certified on the SMART Board!
  • Alphabet Audio Items
  • Category Sort Activity
  • Clip Art
  • Crossword
  • Dice
  • Flags
  • Flash (to show all animated activities/clip art)
  • Graph
  • Graph Paper Background
  • Hundred Square (Interactive and Multimedia)
  • Image Match Activity
  • Instant Lessons
  • Lined paper (Backgrounds and Themes)
  • Maps
  • Number lines
  • Protractor
  • Random Image Generator
  • Random Number Generator
  • Ruler
  • Sentence Arrange Activity
  • Spinner
  • Venn Diagram


  • JV: using the smartboard as a giant touch screen with markers to highlight and erase
    • each pen writes electronically in color, letting you circle words or highlight info for students
    • tapping on the screen when all pens are back in the tray automatically erases
    • navigate the Web by clicking on the screen
    • make sure you know how to orient the board
  • Varsity: using the smartboard to prepare lessons in advance, perhaps with sequential steps and perhaps to then send to students or post on the Web.
  • Vocabulary
    • Pictures and Backgrounds include clip art and photographs. A background fills the entire page.
    • Interactive and Multimedia contains three types of content: Flash files, video files and objects with attached sounds. Items from this section of the Gallery are used to add rich media content to a lesson or presentation and engage reluctant learners with multimedia elements.
    • Notebook Files and Pages. Notebook file thumbnails are recognized by the coil binding on the left of the thumbnail image. Drag the thumbnail image to the work area to add a page or series of pages, such as a complete lesson activity, to your existing content. Notebook files will be inserted directly after the active Notebook page. Notebook page thumbnails are identified by the folded edge in the top- right corner. Drag the thumbnail image to the work area to create a new page with a background for students to write over, such as an exercise in identifying shapes.

What else? A shoutout to Rob Sugarman, Bill Luther and Tequipment.com for making a difference!

I am looking for a vendor on Long Island, or that works on Long Island who can repair AV "stuff" onsite, in particular cabling that is run through the ceiling that has a broken pin (SVGA, SVideo, RCA, etc)? I typically do most of the installing but need a vendor who can fix items when they get broken. Running new cable is a possibility but a real pain. I also would like to inquire with them about terminating the cables so it is not simply a wire down and out of the wall as that is where I am having my problems? thanks in advance for your help! JS, Director of Technology Long Island Lutheran Middle

At Chapin, we used TEQ for a variety of what we call bronze, silver and gold rooms (bronze is projector only, silver for projector plus smartboard, gold adds DVD setup with DVD player, VCR and cable TV feed). I now know a ton more than I did a year ago and it is amazing how many intracacies there are in terms of projector placement, wall plates, placement preferences re laptop location, smartboard heights in a K-12 school with some teachers being 5' tall and middle school students being shorter. TEQ has been remarkably creative and clever in finding and creating unique solutions and have implemented about 20+ rooms for us in a major league professional manner. Steve

TEQ ... Tequipment Inc, 175 Ivy St, Oyster Bay, NY 11771
sales AT tequipment.com ... contact person: Rob Sugarman 516.922.3508 phone

March 7, 2008: gigathanks to Rob Sugarman and Bill Luther from Tequipment from Farmingdale NY for one of the most shocking acts of generosity we have ever seen on 129th street. Coming out on Friday 3/7 to do a routine walk-through and to choose 2 or 3 rooms for a mounted projector and smartboard, the two of them forced me (Steve Bergen) to sit down after 33 minutes so they could share the "facts of life" with me. Unwilling and reluctant I sat down and was shocked to hear that they wanted to put mounted smartboards and mounted projectors into each of our 15 classrooms at no charge, along with training our entire faculty. Speechless, stunned and shocked, it has taken me days to recover and understand the magnitude of this generous gift and the enormity of how it is going to impact our school. Arriving with truck on Wednesday March 26th, the view from a porch in Harlem began to take on a distinctive look with Smartboard cartons! Click on the picture at the top to see a picture or Rob and Bill with several Storefront students in the computer lab. Click here for "before" and "after" pictures of the 14 rooms that were transformed on March 26-28, 2008.
7/1/13 From Verne Becker at Town School: There is still the option to use the Smart website, express.smarttech.com, which allows you to open and interact with Notebook files through your browser. It appears to work on any board. When I was at Brearley, we used it occasionally on Eno boards. I just checked and the site is still active ...

On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 3:38 PM, JP Connolly wrote: FYI, you can use Eno boards with the Smart software. You lose some of the multi-pen functionality, but virtually everything works. Just in case you wanted additional options for the surface.

The origin of TEQ

On Apr 18, 2011, at 1:21 PM, "Steve Bergen" Dear Mr. Sugarman 
1) do you remember the website of http://gatornet.chapin.edu/teq/ notice the TEQ at the end 
2) and the website of http://www.cstorefront.org/teq/ notice the TEQ at the end 
3) do you remember saying to my head Kathy Egmont in 2007 or 2008 that "Steve always calls us TEQ but our real name is TEQUIPMENT.COM? 
is it possible that I -- steve bergen, a hick from boston -- was the one who inspired you all at TEQ to start "branding yourselves" as TEQ? 
it would give me great nachas on the eve of Passover to know that this was true or perhaps partially true! The future Board Chair of the TI Charter School has his doubts. You are the only one who can help be gain any credibility since he will be my future boss with the power to fire me as of mid June once we are authorized. 
My dear mr funny guy 
Yes. It's true. You are the one. The first in the universe to put it out there. Without you the name Tequipment would be butchered for all eternity. Thank god you were there to save it... I just don't know what took me so long to make the change. Are you happy now :-) :-) ;-)
love ya
happy Passover pal!
Rob Sugarman
President & CEO
Tequipment Inc