The First Annual Nobles Symposium on Hardware, Software and Humanware Issues for Independent Schools

cosponsored by The Original Teaching Company and Noble & Greenough School Saturday, May 2, 1998, 12-5 PM, Dedham, Massachusetts

Update, Summer 2000: Having coined the word "humanware" in a speech I gave in the early 1980s, I was amazed to see someone use it in her job description almost 20 years later. Connie Tobolksy is a Summercore alum from 89 and 2000. Steve Bergen

My new title in my new position at Horace Mann School is "Humanware Development"
It is a term I first heard from you in the summer of '89. I have given you full credit for the term and hope that it is OK that I use it to officially establish a new position which I have been given the freedom to develop at Horace Mann School. Of Course! Post me on your Humanware web page! See you soon.
Sincerely, Connie Tobolsky, June 2000

Update, Fall 2007: Then seven years later via one of Bob Dylan's simple twists of fate, Sam Schalman-Bergen (my son) is hired at Horace Mann to replace Connie who leaves the school in July 2007 when her husband becomes the head of Chestnut Hill Academy. Within four months, Sam creates a program called LIONTECH as the new humanware developer and has a Web page defining humanware that I probably should have created back in the 1980s when Larry Bird played hoop. Probably Bob Dylan would observe that all of the years of Sam working as an intern, tech associate and subsequently workshop leader at Summercore made these events from Connie to Sam seem like a "spark tingling in my bones." Steve Bergen 11/30/07

All Milk and Cookies from Here On In?

Getting excited about the symposium, I produced this one late last night. Most of the schools attending are beyond the initial stages of technology (i.e. they have an installed base and are becoming technically literate.) I think one of the questions to look at would be what are the major challenges for technology in the next three to five years. The challenges of building a computer lab and enabling faculty to use technology have been addressed, and the secrets of beating those obstacles are in circulation, but what lies ahead? Is it all milk and cookies from here on in?
-- Peter Saliba, Holderness School, Four Days before Symposium 4/28/98

A Baker's Dozen of Important Buttons for Administrators & Computer Coordinators

  1. Moneyware: Annual, Capital, Software Budget, Leadership
  2. The Web
  3. E-mail and Campus Bulletin Boards
  4. Curriculum: Ideas, Integration, Requirements
  5. Netiquette, Software Honesty, Web-etiquette and AUPs
  6. Ongoing Faculty Training
  7. Hardware and Software Acquisition for Faculty
  8. Standardization of Hardware and Software
  9. Approaches to The Typing Priority
  10. Humanware and FTE Issues
  11. Security, Networking, Grade Reports and Administrative Software
  12. Labs vs Powerbooks
  13. Innovative Ideas from Different Schools: The Student Staff Program, The Digital Learning Center, The Pioneer Program

Registration Details

Driving Directions to Nobles


Our goal for this symposium is to bring Independent Schools together to share and build on technological successes and strategies. Having made significant progress at Nobles over the last few years (as have many schools), we have numerous ideas to share. However, this symposium is not a presentation of technology at Nobles! By asking each participating school to submit via e-mail a summary of its own struggles, successes and questions with hardware, software and humanware, we hope that each participant will in effect become a presenter. Our goal for this symposium is a dialogue, not a monologue. Feel free to e-mail or call for a more complete description of the 13 important buttons!
Steve Bergen (


Informal social dinner at area restaurant afterwards (extra fee); tours of our Digital Learning Center (modern language lab) and our new state-of-the-art computer labs will be arranged before noon or after 5pm for those interested.

Dear Colleague,

Sixteen years ago, I elected to attend a summer program on computers, then a new and quite frightening educational innovation for education. The teacher at the week-long workshop was superb, and while I was not quickly converted into a technocrat, I did recognize his excellence in teaching. Five years ago, I managed to hire that teacher at Nobles to serve as the Coordinator of all computer operations, and he has transformed the technological landscape of Nobles in quite wonderful ways. He has also conducted a series of summer workshops for independent school educators over the years (I attended the prototype), and the teachers in those Summercore workshops have often returned to their own schools to create minor revolutions of their own.

Summercore is advertised for novices, intermediate users and experts. I have seen first hand how well Steve Bergen and Lynne Schalman effectively use that heterogeneous mixture to work wonders with everyone who attends. Virtually everyone who leaves Summercore after 5 days is astonished at the growth in their computer skills and their computer outlook. I would encourage each school to think of sending several people to Summercore.

Steve is now organizing a one-day national symposium to assess the state of technology in independent schools. The suggested organization for the workshop is printed on the reverse. What Steve and Lynne hope to do is to provide an annual forum for schools to share ideas and strategies regarding computers in education. I would encourage each school to send a representative. This technology business is slippery; we are putting considerable resources into it without really measuring the results. The more we can talk, the better off we will all be.


Richard H. Baker
Head of School

Hotel Info

(Last Updated 4/28/98)

(1) Dear Steve and Lynne,
I would like to attend the first annual Nobles Symposium on Hardware, Software and Humanware Issues for Independent Schools workshop on May 2.
Are you interested in spreading the word on this too or is registration pretty tight? I am on the Technology Committee for the Conn. Assoc. of Ind. Schools and could let other tech coordinators know. Would public school tech coordinators be welcome?
ANSWER: absolutely welcome, spread the word!

--Betsy Schwammberger,
--The Country School, 341 Opening Hill Road, Madison, CT 06443

(my write-up)

(2) (3) writes:
Steve --
I wish to register an administrator from Brewster, Doug Fallon, for the computer symposium. We are in the process of completing the 'homework' for the web page. When is the deadline, if any? ANSWER: hopefully, by April 15th, but extension of 10 days for Boston Celtics fans (our write-up)

(4) Peter Saliba, writes:
Please sign me up for the May 2 conference at Nobles on Technology.
-- Peter Saliba
Holderness School, Plymouth NH 03264
(my write-up)

(5) Dear Steve,
I would like to attend on May 2 for Miss Porter's.
Thanks, Charlotte Hitchcock (payment received, thanks!) (my write-up)

Miss Porter's School, Farmington CT

(6) Jeanne Robb, $50 received, (my write-up)

Hi Steve
It's official! I will be coming out for the May 2nd technology symposium. This is very exciting. There is a real need for such an event and I am sure that the discussions and contacts that come out of this will be invaluable.
PS I am currently getting together the list of Harbor Day attendees for the '98 Summercore and will let you know ASAP. Thanks in advance to you and Lynne for sponsoring the event. I look forward to seeing both of you in May. Jeanne Robb, Director of Technology
Harbor Day School, 3443 Pacific View Drive
Corona del Mar, CA 92625

(7) Cathy Meany,,Internet writes:
Please register me for the May 2 symposium.
Thanks, Cathy Meany
Shore Country Day School, Beverly, MA
(my write-up)

(8) David Carey, $50 received, Fessenden School
D. Carey,,Internet

Please register Barbara Streuli from Rocky Hill School, East Greenwich, RI for the May 2 symposium. It is my understanding that I can pay the $50 fee at that time.
Thank you.
Barbara Streuli,
Technology Specialist, Rocky Hill School
530 Ives Road, East Greenwich, RI 02818

(my write-up)

(10) Donna Ravn
Cambridge School of Weston
(payment received, only one person coming

(11) cancellation

(12) Thanks for the note and I look forward to the symposium. It there any possibility of getting some folks together earlier in the day? I guess since I am coming so far I would love even more time to brainstorm with other tech directors, even if just over a cup of coffee at around 10:00. What do you think?

Steve, Sounds great. Come to think of it. Saturday and Sunday morning are both times when I would love to get together with others. I am staying with a friend so I want to set some time aside for that purpose, but I anxious to address some other issues. Outside Tech Support is a big issue for me as well as how to prevent screen vandalism on WIN NT work stations. I received a snail mailing. Nothing about this symposium has come across any of my listservs, But I will gladly pass along the news. One more thing. Could you send me the email version of the announcement for this symposium? I will pass it along to our state independent school group. I am the president of our group (about 20 schools), the Association of Colorado Independent Schools. Thanks Again. Linc

Thanks -- Linc Jackson, Director of Technology
Colorado Academy, 3800 South Pierce St
Denver, CO 80235
(my write-up)

(13) (14) Please register Richard Perry and me for the symposium on May 2. Our check will be in the mail any minute now.
--Judy Fallows, e-mail:
--Richard Perry, e-mail:
Atrium School, 552 Main St, Watertown, MA 02172
(our write-up)

(15) Steve, I plan to attend the symposium on May 2. Please let me know exactly what you want me to list in the hardware, software, humanware info: numbers? platforms? names of software? what info on the humanware? how much detail about the struggles, successes and questions? and yes, I would like a complete description of the 13 buttons! Let me know if there is anything else I should do, and I will send the information as soon as I hear from you. I will be staying in Providence at the Biltmore. My son is a student at RISD so we are combining a visit with work. I attended Summercore about 6 years ago and loved every minute of it. I also visited your school lab about 6 weeks ago. You were at NAIS and Claudia showed me around. Looking forward to the symposium,
--Mary Anderson, The Oak Hill School
4815 Franklin Road, Nashville, TN 37220
(my write-up)

(16) Barbara Marshall (my write-up)
Academic Computer Coordinator
Derby Academy, Hingham MA

(17) (18) From St. George's School, Newport RI
Steve Horowitz, French Teacher and Computer Literacy Teacher
--Mafalda Nula, chair of the Spanish Department

(19)From Riverview School on the Cape
Tomas Menard
(my write-up)

(20) cancellation

(21) From Baldwin School, PA
John Back

(22) From Bancroft School, Worcester MA
Peter McKone
(my write-up)

(23) (24) Larry Fliegelman and I will be coming from The Rashi School, Needham MA
From Steve Longenecker,
--Technology Coordinator, April 98
(our write-up)

(25) removed
(our write-up)

(26) (27) (28) Concord Academy Hanka Ray, Math Teacher
Kirsten Hoyte, Coordinator of Computer Program
Deb Diemente, Director of Technology
(our write-up)

(29) (30)
Middlesex School
Diane Secours, Director of Educational Technology Alan Proctor, Assistant Head of School for Academic Affairs (our write-up)

(31) (32) possibly
Roxbury Latin School, Joanne Larrabee and maybe someone else

Newman Prep, Jean Berry, Librarian e-mail:

Marti Weston, Georgetown Day School
--Marti W,
Georgetown Day School, Washington, DC.

Please send me registration info
Kristopher Wiemer, The Williston Northampton School
Kristopher Wiemer,

I am interested in learning more about the Symposium. Although I don't work for an independent school, my job is very much related to the discussion, since a considerable segment of Blackbaud's client base is made up of independent schools.
Katie Benston - Lead Client Relations Representative
Blackbaud, Inc. *

Please send registration information via email.
Bryan Lumpkins, The Barrie School, Silver Spring, MD,Internet

Steve, I have sent you info about Hopkins --
Walt Koenig,

Steve, I have sent you info about Randolph School
Jeff Ritter,