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by Lynne Schalman and Steve Bergen
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Last revised 12/23/07

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Lesson Plans

Teachers First

This is a terrific first stop for curriculum material. Click on Content Matrix to find links to annotated lesson plans and web resources for every subject area and grade level. There are terrific resources for teaching Shakespeare, all of the sciences, Modern Languages, Math, Current Events, etc. The links are carefully annotated and the site does not present an overwhelming list of web sites. The lesson plans range from guided web activities to study guides.

 Blue Web

This site contains a curriculum grid with links to a variety of annotated links to web based tutorials on each subject, web based projects, activities, units and lesson plans, hotlists, resources and references and tools. The links are usually quite good and the site also provides weekly updates on new and recommended links.

 Exploratorium Cool Sites

This site provides a monthly list of ten cool science, art, history, literature,math,photography, psychology, and music sites for the month. There is then an archived list of past cool sites. The selected sites are all unique, interesting and innovative. This is another terrific first stop site.




Art History and Music Resources

Gateway to Art History

Designed as a companion to Gardner's Through the Ages text, this site provides an exhaustive list of links to art of every era and country and a huge list of links to every museum throughout the world.


This site indexes the works of over 7500 artists; you can search by name, by era, by style, etc to then be greeted with a list of links to museums and galleries throughout the world that exhibit art by that particular artist.

The Music Room

Although designed for lower school, this site can be useful for all ages as it presents information about American composers, a musical glossary, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern music. There are brief biographies of many composers, sound files and links to many other sound files, a link to a musical instrument database, and some brief explanations of music theory.




Foreign Language Resources

Foreign Language Resources on the Net

This page contains links to lesson plans and activities, a host of resources, museums and galleries. There are links for French, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Latin teachers.













History and Social Studies Resources

SCORE History and Social Studies page

This site, created by educators in California, is a terrific getting started site with links to resources and online activities on World and American History, Geography, Economics, Government, and some K-2 Social Studies topics; there are links to interesting projects and web quests on a wide variety of history issues and topics; start by clicking on resources and lesson plans by grade level.







Literature Resources

Doucette Index

The Doucette Index provides access to books and web sites that contain useful teaching suggestions related to books for children and young adults, and the creators of those books. All you do is type in the book title, click Show Websites Only, then Begin Search. The links will be to study guides and lesson plans on the web on that particular book or play; while the quality of the content varies, the wealth of resources is fairly astonishing.

Literary Resources on the Net

Designed by a professor at Rutgers, this site provides an amazing array of annotated links to all things literary, including ancient Greece and Rome, both American and British literature, the Voice of the Shuttle (another fabulous resource), Women's Literature, Drama, and the literature of many countries 







Math Resources

Math Forum at Drexel University

This justifiably well-known site contains a wide variety of activities, problems, lesson plans and links for all levels of mathematics. Features include Ask Dr. Math (allowing students to ask for math help), problems of the week, discussion groups for math teachers, web units and lesson plans, articles on math education and suggestions for implementing technology in the math classroom.







Science Resources

Frank Potter's Science Gems

 Designed by a UC Irvine professor, this site provides annotated links to science resources for the K-12 teacher. The sites are divided by appropriate grade levels for each subject area, so that an Introduction to Chemistry resources, for instance, are provided for Kindergarten, grade 3, grade 6, grade 9 and college levels.







 A Few Other Helpful Sites and Some Just for Fun

A Webquest Sampler
This page, created by The Original Teaching Company, provides links to webquest sites and collections.

Ask An Expert Sampler
This page, created by The Original Teaching Company, provides links to ask an expert sites on a wide variety of topics.

Lower School Sampler
This page, created by The Original Teaching Company, provides links to our favorite links for lower school teachers.

Internet Movie Database
Love Movies? Visit this site each week to read movie reviews.

This sometimes overwhelming reference desk page has links to almost anything you can think of. My favorite sections are website of the day, word of the day, quotation of the day, and current events topic of the day,

Photo Story 3 for Windows
There is a free PC ONLY program called Photo Story 3 ("click here to download") that lets you create a musical slideshow ... note that this program requires Windows Media Player