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Twitter consists of millions of people who write these 140 character sentences. If I want to search the Twitter world to see if anyone has written about a certain special designated topic such as the Vote on Syria, I cannot just type "Vote on Syria" into the search box since I will get all sort of random tweets that contain the word "Vote" or the word "Syria" but not specifically the people who want to comment on the Congressional vote on Syria. So someone proposed that we use #SyriaVote for all those twitter users who want to comment on this topic. Below are some real examples. So all the # means is that someone has proposed that hashtag phrase for common usage. You could do the same with #StFrancisHouston for example and then all sorts of parents and teachers could write tweets using #StFrancisHouston and then anyone could search the twitter world for #StFrancisHouston to see what has been posted lately. Nothing explains this better than the example of Jimmy Fallon on late night TV show telling all his viewers to send tweets using #FunnyThingsMyDadDoes so that the next night he can read some aloud. This way hundreds of viewers on their own twitter pages can write short tweets about their Dads and Jimmy can read several aloud by searching the Twitter World for #FunnyThingsMyDadDoes. Steve
p.s. the reason we call # a hash tag is because in England they have a pound sign for currency so that is why the twitter people decided not to call # a pound sign which is what I called # when I was growing up!

Some hashtags to try -- ipaded ipadchat edtech edapps mlearning techcoach tichat educoach

When you create your account, if you are not comfortable with a user name such as JaneDoe or JaneD using your own name so that we know who you are. Please use Summercore for your first name and your marathon number as your last name ... for example, click here to see how one person signed up. Then you need to go to in order to FOLLOW SUMMERCORE. Then you need to send a tweet that includes "Hash Tag Summercore" i.e. #summercore within the text. Click here to see a sample. Once you find the TWITTER NAMES of the other Summercore marathoners, then you need to follow each of them. So if someone has a twitter name of summercore1999 then you need to go to and choose to follow!

The website of is one of many famous places to find people you might want to follow. Depending on your level of comfort and skill with twitter, we may suggest you type in #followfriday or #edchat into twitter and explore what you find. Additionally, by going to or we would like you to see how to shorten a URL for potential use in Twitter or elsewhere. Click here for more Twitter notes.

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