Steve Bergen

Closed as of 4/1/10. Winners below. Below are the quotes submitted.
Thanks everyone for participating! Steve

  1. "Summercore is a serendipitous summer sojourn for educators of every stripe (even sports-minded sympathies) to sift and synthesize in a syncopated scintillating survey the hardware, software, andCloudshare that might possibly serve students."

  2. "Summercore was the best workshop I've attended. I can't tell you how much I've used this year! Everyone learns at their own pace and can think in terms of their own school situation."

  3. "Summercore or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Computer."
    Congratulations to Pat Friedman from Berkeley Carroll School in Brooklyn NY who wins third place with 19% of the votes!

  4. "Come to VA, NYC, or FL for your summer technology injection; whether a novice, tech guru or somewhere in between, you'll get ideas to take back and implement on Day 1. I did."

  5. "Summercore is a practical immersion in new technologies. Steve and Lynne have been at this for decades and they know what they're doing -- their goal is to make sure that you do, too."
    Congratulations to Bob Irving from Lancaster Country Day in PA who wins second place with 20% of the votes!

  6. "Summercore is like eating a POWERBAR. You will be more energized. There is nothing like changing your ways when you know it will touch your students' lives forever. Do it for them!"
    Congratulations to Patricia Loesekann from Academy of Holy Names in Tampa FL who wins first place with 29% of the votes and wrote that "Summercore has certainly paid off for me. I had CBS come to interview my class in January. After taking your course, I quickly applied the knowledge I learned and connected to a website called "60 Second Recap" which is similar to an electronic Cliff Notes for English teachers. Jenny, the entrepreneur of this site, built a rapport with me and worked together with my students. We filmed my class doing their own sixty second recap of a novel. Jenny was looking for more PR and had CBS interview her. Jenny liked how my class was working the new technology and had CBS come right to my classroom. The program has just been edited and will be aired soon. How exciting it that? Thank you for your encouragement and ability to coach an old teacher like me into working with new strategies with my students."

  7. "Summercore-where it is; students will call you THE WHIZ ... Be the one who knows it all. Students will know who to call ... Blabberize and Glogster, too, Discover the "tech wizard" in you!"

  8. "If you do the Summercore workshop, you will learn a lot about technology and more than you want about the number 33, the New England Patriots, Red Sox, Boston Celtics and Larry Bird."

  9. "How do you spell Mar-ga-ri-ta Machine? Come to Summercore and find out. And learn cool things about computers. Courses offered: 101 for Luddites and 2010 GeekSpeak."

  10. "After learning so much at Summercore, I had so many ideas and couldn't wait to start! Having the 3 flexible groups makes it so easy to learn at the right pace. Thanks!"