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Summercore in New York at Horace Mann School in Riverdale NY (just north of Manhattan)

  • Timeframe is Mon-Thurs 9-5 pm and Fri 9-12:33 pm.
  • Click here to see directions and important locations (where to park, hotels, trains) and where to register Monday morning between 8:33-9
  • Yes we start promptly at 9am and run on digital time!

Summercore in the South in Florida at Shorecrest

  • Timeframe is Mon-Thurs 9-5 pm and Fri 9-12:33 pm.
  • Click here to see where to register Monday morning between 8:33-9 (yes we start promptly at 9am and run on digital time).
  • Shorecrest Preparatory School's address is 5101 1st St NE St Petersburg, FL 33703 and general phone number is (727) 522-2111
  • Tip for out of towners? in St. Petersburg, the STREETS run North/South and the AVENUES run East/West; every year, at least one person has gone to 54th Avenue South (instead of 54th Avenue North) and comes one hour late;-)
  • Click here for driving directions to Shorecrest from their website
  • Click here for a google map with the route from hotel to school
  • Shorecrest is about 15 minutes from the the hotel (no traffic). Airport to hotel is about 33 minutes.
  • Click here for hotels in Florida

"Important Summercore FAQS that Apply to All Sessions"

Q: For how many years have Lynne Schalman and Steve Bergen been conducting Summercore workshops?
A: We began The Original Teaching Company in 1982 and conducted our first Summercore in 1985.

Q: What is the typical class size?
A: Each session is small, ranging from 15-30 participants per session. Participants come from Independent School from throughout the country and sometimes even from throughout the world. Small sessions ensure plenty of one-on-one attention and both hands-on and hands-off activities.

Q: What is the Summercore Primer on Hardware, Software and Humanware?
A: Every participant receives our 500+ page book designed to cover our curriculum and more in 16 chapters. Topics include computer literacy, step-by-step guides on using Inspiration, iMovie, PowerPoint, and more, plus tips and tricks for improving word processing, database and spreadsheet skills, recommended educational CDs for every subject area and every grade level, strategies for web searching, discussion on plagiarism, computer ethics, incorporating technology into the curriculum, networking management strategies, tried and true classroom tips, and much more. Many participants have nicknamed the primer as "their computer Bible."

Q: Do I need to bring my own laptop?
A: No need as there will be plenty of machines available. However, many people PREFER to bring a laptop.

Q: How should I dress?
A: Dress is casual. The main computer classroom is air conditioned, so bring a sweater.

Q: Will we be working nonstop? What if I have a bad back?
A: Summercore is an intense marathon, but we always take into account your comfort levels and needs; periodic breaks are built into the program.

We have a ONE HOUR rule that we started in the late 80s when Cassie who was 8 months pregnant came to Summercore. Every hour, we are taking 5 minute breaks to allow people to stretch or go to the bathroom or get something to eat or drink. We actually share this ONE HOUR rule as we begin the workshop and get mad at ourselves when we slip. We also try to find comfortable chairs for the program. We are not happy when we arrive at a school and are told that there are tiny wooden chairs and there are no others on campus anywhere.

Neither of us is a formal person and although Summercore is intense, we are always very much in touch with people's individual needs and health and try to accommodate everyone. Out of the 2400 people who have come to Summercore, we have had many people with bad backs who have had to stand for sessions or lie down horizontally on the floor. Whatever works for people is fine. However, each one of us needs to judge our own limitations and people may have to make personal judgement calls that a 35 hour workshop simply will not work from a health point of view.

Q: What about other questions that have not been answered?
A: Just send to and we will answer them promptly and hopefully to your satisfaction. The two of us take great pride in answering questions and helping to make everyone happy at Summercore!

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Other Info about Summercore in the City

Summercore in New York at Horace Mann School

Take the Broadway #1 train to Van Cortlandt Park and 242nd Street which is the last stop. Exit onto Broadway which is the main street where the train is. Once you get onto the street, look around for the Burger King. Now walk 1/2 of a block up Broadway -- which happens to be North -- towards Burger King and turn left on the street right BEFORE Burger King. Walk a 1/2 block and then bear right going up a winding hill. Seet he map below! If you are parking, you will have to park in the parking lot where you see the GREEN dot. Once you swing by with your car and say hello, I can easily direct you there. Click here to see the map right next to the directions in a separate window.

Above is a map showing you where to come Monday morning and where you will find me (Steve). If lost, please ask for Adam Kenner, the Director of Technology at Horace Mann (since all the security people know him).

Q: What are the contact phone numbers? 781-953-9699 (Steve Bergen) or 781-953-9698 (Lynne Schalman) ... useful for communications before Summercore if you want to speak to one of us; once Summercore begins, this number is good only for leaving messages that will be delivered the next day. Our email address is

Hotels in St. Petersburg

Here is the place that we want you to stay at for mutual convenience, price and transportation. We have been staying here for several years and therefore we can recommend it from our own personal experience!

First choice: Hilton St. Petersburg Bayfront

333 First Street South ... St. Petersburg, Florida,33701-4342
Tel: 727-894-5000 ... Fax: 727-823-479 ... Click here for their Web site.

Your attendees can call the hotel directly at (727) 894-5000 x 7045 or go online at www.stpetersburg.hilton.com and use reference code "Summercore" to get the discounted rate of $93 per room. Parking -- by the way -- is $10 per night.

To anyone coming to Florida Summercore and wishing to stay at the Hilton ... the folks there are insistent that I have guarantees of rooms by April 15th in order to get the rate of $93 ... going on their Web site today and checking the rates, the usual rates are $169 with an $8 discount if you have AAA ... Steve 3/30/08

p.s. click here for the details and to see who has signed

Another choice: The Heritage Holiday Inn

You are on your own for dinners and breakfast and must dialogue with the hotel directly. Make sure you book the number of nights you need, whether Sunday night to Thursday night or perhaps Saturday night to Thursday night or whatever.

Another Choice: The Vinoy House

Click here to go to their Web site. Contact person is Michael Roberts with e-mail address of michael@vinoyhouseinn.com ... phone is (727) 432-6152 or (727) 488-4855
3 hotels that are within 1-2 miles of St. Mary's.

Quality Inn Midtown (closest - 1 mile)
(813) 254-3005

Best Western - Tampa (1.1 mile)
(813) 490-2378

Tahitian Inn (2 miles)
(813) 877-6721

There are quite a few others within 5 miles (Marriott Courtyards, etc.)

Summercore in The South at St. Mary's Episcopal School in Tampa FL (Flyer One | Flyer Two)

Summercore FAQs that Apply to All Sessions (see below)

Participants are responsible for their own transportation to/from the workshop each day!