The Wittenberg Door

by Steve Bergen
co-director of Summercore INC.
1984-1994 Computer Coordinator, Concord Academy, MA
1994-2002 Computer Coordinator, Noble & Greenough School, MA
2002-2007 CIO, Chapin School, New York, NY
2007-2011 CIO, The Children's Storefront

2011-present Executive Director, TI Charter School

Copyright Videos: Rip!
Copywrongs33 is posted on YouTube but also double-posted here at so that NAIS can link from iTunes University
"Only one thing is impossible for G-d:
To find any sense in any copyright law
on the planet."
Mark Twain

You can pull one of my songs right out of thin air
Go ahead and download me, see if I care
In love, war and cyberspace, everything's fair
And it's okay to steal 'cause it's so nice to share
Something for Nothing by Loudon Wainwright: lyrics
"When I arrived at Nobles in 1994, it was clear that we needed a reformation amongst students and faculty. The dean (Art Scott) had recently given a presentation on Martin Luther and the Wittenberg Door in Germany. I ran with this metaphor and posted 95 opinions on computer honesty on the door and required students to sign a document on the door as part of getting their computer license and privileges. Over the years, the Wittenberg Door at Nobles has become THE PLACE to read the rules and get your privileges. We have had many students at Nobles in European History remark that 'they did not know there was one in Germany as well.' Much thanks to Summercore Alum Hope Wittrock from Greenwich Country Day School for photographing the actual door in Germany (on the right)!"

Wonderful Update March 2012 by Chris Delmar to ISED (cdelmar AT "Because of a lack of professional training around the issue, many teachers err on the side of caution, limiting the restrictions of fair use even more narrowly than the courts. The result is less effective teaching and the perpetuation of "copyright folklore" that is passed on to students who then restrict their own use too narrowly. " The Cost of Copyright Confusion for Media Literacy -- click
"Dear Steve: This is just a brief note to commend you for the stand you've taken about copyrights. I used to begin every new introductory class on technology at Peddie with a copy of DOS (often unopened) on each desk so that the students would see we had one copy for each PC in the lab. Only repeated references to this seemed to have any effect on the kids' blithely copying software and even installing pirated software on school drives. Since I'm now retired, it's great to learn that somebody's continuing to hold up the beacon! ."
-- von -- (e-mail: Dietrich von Schwerdtner, Emeritus Peddie Faculty and Tech Team
p.s. Yes, there's way too much copying done with a cavalier attitude. If we, who are charged with the care and development of young people, are not going to play by the rules, why should they? I think this is especially pernicious when it involves those of us in whose care are children

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Steve - I ran your copyright question by a friend (she used to be the Tech. Director at Friends Seminary and now works for a music publishing company). Here is her response: "Hi Laura! I asked our business affairs lawyer, who consulted his copy of the copyright law handbook, and his answer re: Bob Dylan MP3 is, no, it cannot be done. The "fair use" covers specifically use in a classroom, or if someone is disabled, use at home. Not use "on demand" in any location, even if part of the class. Not good for headmasters who want to have online courses!"
p.s. I had breakfast with Carol Simpson, who will be leading the morning session of the April 14th pd day, and she said that you could do this as long as it was encrypted. She'll be covering that and other topics during her talk (
--Laura Pearle, Head Librarian ( Gladys Brooks Library, Professional Children's School (11/30/2002)